Divorce lawyers

How to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyers in Adelaide

You should select divorce lawyers with whom you are comfortable and in whom you have confidence. You will be interacting with your lawyer through a stressful period of your life, so both attributes are important. You should interview at least two, and preferably three (or more), lawyers form a short list you have prepared after doing your research. (Again: You should interview the lawyer, not the other way around!). Finally, take no notice of Google network advertisements, which are all about money. For instance, as at 11 February 2014 the cost for a first page advertisement responding to the keywords “best divorce lawyers in Adelaide” was $17.00 per click, and “divorce lawyer Adelaide” was $11.25 per click.

Save money by getting divorced

A divorce provides a great opportunity to gain substantial tax advantages through restructuring your finances, especially when it comes to child support. Make sure you don’t let the opportunity pass.

Getting a Divorce

This is the easy part. It can be done without the help or cost of a lawyer. Click here for a step by step guide on the Family Court web site. Click here for general information about divorce. It is more difficult to secure your property rights. For that you need a divorce lawyer. But be careful. Once your divorce is final, the clock starts ticking on the time limits for obtaining a property settlement through the courts.

Property Settlement

There is no right to an equal split of property after a divorce. If you and your ex-partner cannot agree how your property should be divided the court will need to make that decision. It will look at a number of factors including each party’s contributions and needs.

It will then use that information to help it decide what percentage of the property each party should receive. The court can then make orders to support its decision. Those orders are far ranging. A person might be ordered to pay money to his or her partner. Or to sell or transfer property. Or to split their superannuation. They might also be ordered to sign any document, even if they don’t want to.

A court will sometimes order that the family home be sold and that the proceeds of the sale be divided.

An experienced divorce lawyer can advise you about how the rules apply to your particular situation. An experienced divorce lawyer can help ensure that your legal rights are protected while resolving any disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Time Limits for Property

You have one year from the date that your divorce is final to apply to the court for a financial order. If you are late, it is possible to get an extension if you handle it properly.

If you were in a de facto relationship, you have two years from the date that your de facto relationship ended to apply to the court for a financial order. If you are late, it is possible to get an extension if you handle it properly.

It is important to see a divorce lawyer early. That allows the lawyer to prepare property before filing documents in court. It also allows steps to be taken to preserve property. It’s the best way to increase your chance of a good outcome.

Custody Disputes

Good divorce lawyers can help you reach an agreement that’s in the best interests of your children.