Statewide Conveyancers Mount Barker

    A land purchase is a big investment. You need independent advice before signing a contract. The seller’s real estate agent cannot give you independent advice. The onus is firmly on you to obtain your own independent advice. See this blog post for useful tips.
Statewide Conveyancer and von Doussas together provide all conveyancing and property law services, including—
  • conveyancing and land broking;
  • contract (including drafting, varying, challenging, breaking, and defending);
  • leases;
  • mortgages (including drafting, lodging, challenging, and discharging);
  • rights of way (and other easements);
  • caveats (including drafting, lodging, challenging, discharging, and litigating); and
  • litigation.
Do not hesitate to contact our conveyancing staff about your needs here.
    Residential conveyancing fees start at just $550. For details, and for our other conveyancing fees, please visit our Conveyancing Fees page.
    If you have signed a contract to purchase land, you may be entitled to a cooling-off period. If you decide that you don’t want to proceed with the purchase, you can exercise your cooling-off rights by serving a cooling-off notice on the seller. This must be done within two business days after you receive the vendor’s statement (Form 1). Contact us here for details.
    The vendor of land must provide the purchaser with a vendor’s statement (often called a Form 1), which discloses to the purchaser certain prescribed matters such as whether there are any mortgages or other encumbrances that apply to the land.
    An incorrectly prepared Form 1 can give the prospective purchaser the right to ‘cool off’ and avoid the contract. Don’t take any risks. von Doussas provide an expert Form 1 preparation service for just $300 + GST plus search costs.