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The NBN and Disruptive Technology

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Although the Internet has existed in one form or another for about 50 years, it is only in the last 15–20 years that we have seen the widespread emergence of the World Wide Web and its integration into nearly every aspect of modern life. We are now starting to see the disruptive consequences. I suspect…

Australian Independents’ Day

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Whilst it remains to be seen whether things are AFU, it is certainly not SN. The failure of either of the two large parties (ignoring the inconvenient truth that the Coalition is itself two parties) to gain an absolute majority of seats in the Federal Parliament is, at least in modern times, a novel situation….

Blood Diamonds

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‘Blood diamonds’ is a phrase that has slipped into the lexicon over the past decade or so. The associations that travel with the phrase suggest that blood diamonds are, if not evil solidified, something very close to it. Recently a curvaceous super model (unfortunately not a tautology), the ex-dictator of Liberia (unfortunately an oxymoron), and…