Child Custody Dispute

Custody Disputes

von Doussas’ divorce lawyers understand that one of the hardest aspects of a separation to deal with is deciding on new parenting arrangements. After separation, both parents will continue to have joint responsibility for deciding about the short- and long-term welfare and development of children. Many separating parents wish to distinguish their rights and responsibilities for children and negotiate orders. The courts call these ‘Parenting Orders’ (terms such as ‘custody’ and ‘access’ are no longer in use). The three main types of Parenting Orders are:

  • Residential Orders specifying the parent with whom the child lives;
  • Orders that specify the parent with whom the child will spend time and when; and
  • Specific Issues Orders dealing with any other aspect of parental responsibility concerning the special needs of a child or children.

We can help you by advising about:

  • Parenting Orders;
  • Drawing up documents;
  • Acting in court proceedings; and
  • Assisting in mediations.