Legal work for a fixed fee

Legal work for a fixed fee can help you avoid the uncertainty of the traditional time-based fee model, and effectively budget for your legal fees. Our lawyers in Adelaide offer a limited range of their services on a fixed fee basis.

What Is Legal Work for a Fixed Fee?

When you retain a lawyer to do legal work for a fixed fee, you provide us with information about the legal work that you want us to do, and we use that information to estimate the amount of time it will take us to do that work.

We then provide you with a fixed quote for our professional services to do that legal work for a fixed fee. In that quote we define the scope of the work. If you accept the fixed quote, you pay the amount of the fixed quote and you don’t have to worry about what happens if it takes us longer than expected to do it and we do that legal work for a fixed fee.

When Are Fixed Fee Arrangements Available?

Generally, fixed fee arrangements are available only available for legal work that is reasonably certain in scope—that is, legal work for which it is possible to make a reasonable estimate of the amount of legal work that will be required.

We offer fixed fee arrangements for wills, conveyancing, and document drafting. We do not generally offer fixed fee arrangements for commercial litigation or family disputes, but we are open to consider doing so in appropriate circumstances.