Motor Vehicle Accident Claims for Personal Injury

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In order to obtain compensation for personal injuries arising from a motor vehicle accident, you must show that the accident was partly the fault of someone else, and that your injuries have persisted for at least seven days (or you have incurred medical expenses that satisfy a specified threshold). The injuries do not need to be severe. Even minor injuries may be sufficient to found a claim.

It is advisable to see a lawyer as soon as possible following an accident (say, immediately after getting medical attention). Most personal injury lawyers are able to offer you a free appraisal as to whether you have an action worth proceeding with. A lawyer will also be able to claim many items for you which you might not know about, such as—

  • future medical expenses;
  • your lost income as a result of your injuries and your recovery (after the first seven days);
  • the purchase of special equipment to assist with your day to day living (this may be as little as a shoe horn or a special bed);
  • the cost of having someone maintain your home and garden if you cannot do it as a result of your injuries;
  • the services that certain people may offer you free of charge and without expectation of reward, for instance your spouse having to do the washing and ironing because you can’t (these services are claimed at their commercial value despite the fact they were provided to you free of charge); and
  • your spouse or domestic partner’s suffering as a result of the disruption to your relationship and their suffering as a result of yours (known as consortium).

All claims for personal injuries from motor vehicle accidents must be brought within three years of the motor vehicle accident so if you are unlucky enough to be one of the many inevitably injured on our roads by motor vehicles make sure you contact a lawyer to find out your rights and entitlements as soon as possible.

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