How Much Does a Family Lawyer Charge in Australia?

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Note that this post is now 14 years out of date, and fee estimates have changed significantly in that time. This post will be updated in the near future and in the interim ought not be relied upon.

If your marriage has ended, you probably want to know how much a family lawyer will charge for conducting a property settlement (that is, negotiating how to divide the property of the marriage and attending to all the necessary formalities). We’ve prepared an estimate based on a typical property dispute below, excluding GST and court fees.

You would need to allow one or two days to prepare for a typical property settlement. The actual fees that you will incur will generally only be known on completion of your matter, and will be based on the amount of time that’s spent on it. In some circumstances, a fixed price service may be available.

Stage 1: $2,500

  • To take your instructions through one or more meetings with you
  • To undertake initial investigations into the assets and financial resources of the parties
  • To provide you with a preliminary assessment of the likely range of outcomes

Stage 2: $2,500

  • To draft financial statement
  • To draft affidavit
  • Attend first directions hearing

Stage 3A: $1,750

This stage applies only if the matter settles at or by the first directions hearing without the need to go to trial.

  • Draft Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders

Stage 3B: $2,000

This stage and the subsequent stages apply only if the matter doesn’t settle at or by the first directions hearing.

  • Prepare for Chapter 12 Conference
  • Prepare all documents required for Chapter 12 Conference
  • Attend Chapter 12 Conference

Stage 4: Prepare for trial: $4,500, plus $3,000 for barrister

  • Attend in trial notice list
  • Attend pre-trial conference
  • Prepare for trial

Stage 5: Attend at trial (2 days): $4,000

  • $1,500 per day for a solicitor (if required)

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about family law property settlements, please don’t hesitate to contact our Mount Barker and Adelaide lawyers.

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