Our Fees

We normally charge using the traditional time-based model, but fixed fee and no win, no fee arrangements are available in many cases.

Under the traditional time-based model, we charge for every six-minute unit of time that we spend on your matter.

Our current hourly rates for lawyers commence at $300 per hour (plus GST).

Fixed Fee

We offer fixed fee arrangements for wills, conveyancing, and document drafting for clients who want to avoid the uncertainty of the traditional time-based model. We may be able to offer a fixed fee arrangement in other matters too. Click here for details.

No Win, No Fee

If you have a case but can’t pay for a lawyer, we may be able to offer you our services under a no win, no fee arrangement. No win, no fee arrangements are usually available in personal injury cases and inheritance disputes, but we may be able to offer them in certain other cases too. Click here for details.